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Find dermatologist in my area easily here at directory.  Most good and friendly local dermatologists allow walk in with no appointment.  Here is a list of recommended dermatology consultants near you in your area.

Good Female Dermatologist Near Me

Some will prefer to find a female dermatologist to help treat their skin or nail problems.  You can find female dermatologists easily in your area too.


When visiting a dermatologist, you need to know that they have the correct licensing and certification. There are dermatologists who practice within beauty clinics or health spas, but they use the designation loosely. If they do not have proper accreditation, they cannot be considered dermatologists.

A properly qualified doctor is board certified from the American Board of Dermatology and the Board of Osteopathic Dermatology. They must have the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada certification if practicing in Canada.

The largest membership of dermatologists is the American Academy of Dermatology. The group has well over 20,000 active members. A dermatologist has to qualify to register with the group and must already have completed college and medical school. They must be an MD doctor or a DO – a doctor of osteopathic medicine. They also have to do at least one year of residency to be entered in the group.

A dermatologist that has FAAD following their name is a Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology. This means that they are a member of the Academy of Dermatology, they have passed the proper exams given by their official board, and that they are licensed to practice.

Dermatologist Definition

Dermatologist definition according to the Dictionary is a “Specialist in dermatology, especially a doctor who specializes in the treatment of diseases of the skin”

What is a dermatologist and what do they do

The dermatologist def and meanings – they are skin doctors who are certified to treat skin diseases and cosmetic problems of the skin, hair, and nail.

Dermatology Definition

So what is Dermatology? Dermatology is described as a branch of medicine that specializes in dealing with skin, nail, hair and their associated diseases.  Dermatology has 2 aspects – surgical and medical.

Top And Good Dermatologist Near Me

So how can we find a good dermatologist near me? There is so many skin center in any area that it is difficult to make the right choice and find the top skin doctor that is near me. This will be difficult if you just go out and try searching for the good dermatologists in your area. You can, of course, ask around and hear the people recommendation. But the easier way is to use the directory here and find the best dermatologist near you. You just have to click on the listing and it will bring you to the nearest top dermatologists in your area.

Dermatology Consultants

Dermatologists are specialists in treating skin, hair and nail diseases.  When they complete their training, they are given the CCST (Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training) which they can use to apply for a consultant position in the hospital or teaching.

Cosmetic Dermatology Near Me

When I want to improve my skin and their appearances, I will look for the best cosmetic dermatologist near me.  I will be willing to pay more for a good cosmetic dermatologist.  After all, I hope to look good and better after the treatment and therefore will not settle for any sub standard cosmetic dermatologist.  It is easy to find the best cosmetic specialists with the help of this website directory.

Dermatologist Salary

We are all curious to how much does a dermatologist make a year in average.  A recent survey was done on the dermatologist salary range between $160k to $270k.  The average salary of a dermatologist is $212k.

Find a Dermatologist In My Area

“Where to find the nearest dermatologist? Is there any dermatology clinic and offices in my area that is open now and accepts walk in?”. This seems to be the most commonly asked questions by those that need to visit a dermatology clinic. You can search for the skin doctors in your state and city with this database of local dermatologists and specialists.

Pediatric Dermatologist

A pediatric dermatologist needs additional training to be able to treat skin diseases which occur primarily in kids.  Dermatologist for kids must take and pass sub specialty board exams in pediatric dermatology for them to be able to be called and practice as a pediatric dermatologist.  You just need to note that not all dermatologists are board certified practitioner for kids.  So if you require a physician to specifically treat children, you should check the dermatologist qualification before you visit their clinic and office.

Skin Care Physicians Near Me

Skin care physicians or specialist are also known as skin dermatologists in most cases. Skin care physicians treat a broad range of skin conditions ranging from medical, cosmetics to surgical. If you are looking for skin care physicians near you, you can always find one with the help of this website.

Online Dermatologist

There several online dermatologists recently that provide online advises for the more generic questions on skin conditions.  These dermatologist online are popular with many as the query can be answered very quickly without needing them to visit the clinic.  So far most of these online websites are free.  But you do need to leave your name and contact details in exchange for the free services.  However, it is advised that you visit the physician clinic for a thorough examination of the skin conditions before you make any decision.

Black Dermatologist | African American

Do you have a preference for a Black dermatologist to treat you?  Some prefer female, and others ask for African American dermatologist.  There are no studies that show race play a part in who is better.  So whether it is Black or African American dermatologist, the most important thing is that your dermatologist is certified.

Acne Dermatologist | Acne Clinic Near Me

If you suffer from serious acne problem, then you may need to visit an acne clinic near you and find a dermatologist for acne to treat the acne conditions.  Acne dermatologist will diagnose and advise you on the appropriate acne treatment.  The treatment for acne can be as simple as putting liquid drops on the acne part to surgical and laser treatment.

Walk In Dermatologist Near Me Open On Saturday And Sunday

Many of us are working and busy during the weekday.  It will be convenient if we can schedule our skin care appointment on the weekend.  There are few dermatologists willing to work on a weekend.  However, you can find a list of dermatology clinics that are open now and open on Saturday.  You will also find that these skin clinics are willing to accept walk in patients.

Do You Need To See A Female Dermatologist?

You might need to see a female dermatologist near me if your skin problem does not go away. A female dermatologist will help you to fix those skin issues such as removing wrinkle, chemical peeling or skin filling, etc. A female dermatologist may be ideal because female is usually more patient and detail on their work. And a female will certainly be more understandings when it comes to skin.

What Makes A Good Female Dermatologist?

A good female dermatologist near me needs to be certified by the AD (American Academy of Dermatology) and has a good number of years in practice. She must be knowledgeable in the various skin care techniques such as laser light therapy, surgery, etc….She also needs to know how to prescribe the right medication when necessary.

Ideally, a female dermatologist must also be good at cosmetic procedure and be an expert in removing moles, reducing sun spots and removal of acne, etc….It will be good if the female dermatologist does not try to sell your products and unnecessary treatments.

A good dermatologist will only recommend you what you need to fix your skin problem. If you see a dermatologist that tries to sell you the mountain – run.

Another important quality of a good dermatologist is that she must not rush through appointment. A good dermatologist will spend the time to listen carefully to you, give you detailed information about your skin condition and require treatment. She will not try to handle as many patients as she can within the business hours. She will know how to balance between business (profit) and being a responsible dermatologist.

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